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Undergraduate Research Fair 2015 Awards

Dr. James Wu Prize for best lower-year project:

  • First prize: Christopher Ford for “Doctor-Assisted Death in Canada: A Story of Pain, Suffering, and Legal Equality” (AP/HREQ 2010)
  • Second prize: Jessie Spasov for “The Hanger: A Space in Need of Change” (AP/GEOG 2075)

Dr. James Wu Prize for best upper-year project

  • First prize: Matthew Pancer for “The Certainty Paradox: How Despairing Over Uncertainly Leads to the Certainty of Despair” (AP/EN 3536)
  • Second prize: Rachel England for “The Ashes of a Western Blaze” (ES/ENVS 4011)

Dr. James Wu Prize for best thesis/major term project

  • First prize: Jesse Thistle for “We are children of the river: Toronto’s Lost Métis History” (GL/HIST 4100)
  • Second prize: Ewan Gibson for “Comfort Level With Technology & Perceived Support in College Faculty” (HH/PSYC 4170)

Information Literacy Award

  • First prize: Julien Cossette for “#OccupyGezi: On Twitter and Affective News” (AP/ANTH 4220)
  • Second prize: Nick Zabara for “Rage and Joy: The Origins of Human Emotion” (HH/PSYC 3010)

Best poster & presentation award

  • First prize: David Kim for “The Kamikaze of Plant Invaders: Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia Japonica)” (SC/BIOL 4095)
  • Second prize: Christopher Lovell and Michelle Binczyk for “Changes in Anthropod Composition Across a Forest-field Ecotone” (SC/BIOL 3001)

Best group project

  • First prize: Sean Liotta and Jeffery Marchment for “Control Shift: A Puzzle-Platformer Video Game Utilizing Multiple, Unique Control Schemes” (LE & AMPD/EECS 4700)
  • Second prize: Joanne  Kotasinska and Kirsten Muller for “French Language Policy at Glendon for Anglophone Specialists” (GL/LIN 4617)

People's Choice

  • Denise Enriquez, Dallis King, Anna Papazian and Samantha Puder for “Secret Body: An Interactive Art Installation” (LE & AMPD/EECS 4700)