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Undergraduate Research Fair 2020 winners

Dr. James Wu Prize for Best Lower-year Project

First prize: Anh T. P. Nguyen for “Smart Drugs? Cognitive Enhancing Drugs and the Consequences on Healthy Populations” (HH/PSYC 2010)

Anh T. P. Nguyen Image
Anh T. P. Nguyen

Second prize: Prakash Thambipillai for “Treating Trauma with MDMA: Legalizing MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy for Trauma-Related Mental Health Disorders” (HH/PSYC 2010)

Prakash Thambipillai Image
Prakash Thambipillai

Dr. James Wu Prize for Best Upper-year Project

First prize: Claudia Dias Martins for “Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) for Depression” (HH/PSYC 4061)

Claudia Dias Martins Image
Claudia Dias Martins

Second prize: Tatiana Espinosa-Merlano for “Eat Dementia Away! How does nutrition affect cognition and what are some nutritional practices to adopt or avoid?” (HH/KINE 4140)

Tatiana Espinosa-Merlano Image
Tatiana Espinosa-Merlano

Dr. James Wu Prize for Best Honours Thesis/MRP

First prize: Elizaveta Selezneva for “The Effect of Priming Caution on the Receptivity to Fake News” (GL/PSYC 4000)

Elizaveta Selezneva Image
Elizaveta Selezneva

Second prize: Gloria Park for “Are Canadian Prisons the New Residential School?” (AP/CRIM 4652)

Gloria Park Image
Gloria Park

Library Information Literacy Award

First prize: John Nguyen for “Time Flies when You’re Having Fun: A Fruit Fly Study on Aging” (SC/BIOL 4000)

John Nguyen Image
John Nguyen

Second prize: Susan K. Chen for “The Personality Transformations of a School Shooter” (HH/PSYC 4050)

Susan K. Chen Image
Susan K. Chen

Best Poster Presentation

First prize: Beatrice Sohler for “How Photographic Mediums Shaped and Challenged the Portrayals of Japanese Women in Late 19th and Early 20th Century Japan” (AP/HIST 4765)

Beatrice Sohler Image
Beatrice Sohler

Second prize: Taheera Sarker for “Constructing Canadian National Identity: Confronting multiculturalism, whiteness and the internal Muslim Other” (AP/POLS 4103)

Taheera Sarker Image
Taheera Sarker

Best Group Project

Alaina Thomas, Stacy Chiu, Christopher Lee and Nicole Maina for “Comparing Psychology and Non-Psychology Students’ Attitude Toward Care Seeking” (GL/PSYC 3525)

Group Project Team Image
Alaina Thomas, Christopher Lee, Nicole Maina, and Stacy Chiu

Art Walk Exhibit Award

Natalia Bonczek for “Misster E” (FA/VISA 3024)

Natalia Bonczek for “Misster E” (FA/VISA 3024)

People's Choice Award

Shalini Iyer for “The Role of Lipids in Neuronal Plasticity – Link to Autism Spectrum Disorders” (SC/BIOL 4000)

Shalini Iyer