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Undergraduate Research Fair 2014 Awards

Undergraduate Research Fair past winners

Dr. James Wu Award for best lower-year project

Winner: Nick Zabara
(Saints and monsters: Factors influencing altruism & malice - AP/WRIT 2720)

Honourable mention: Olivia Chander
(SLUTS: From one comment to a global phenomenon - AP/COMN2200)

Best lower-year project winners 2014

Dr. James Wu Award for best upper-year project

Winner: Jay Gajiwala
(Mechanisms of DNA repair and human diseases - SC/BIOL 4200)

Honourable mention: Julien Cossette
("How far is it?" Of geocaching & emplacement in Athens, Greece - AP/ANTH3110)

Best upper-year project award winners 2014

Dr. James Wu Award for best thesis project

Winner: Mario Morello
(Voices from the land of eagles: The polyphonic folk singing of S. Albania and Northwest Greece - FA/MUSI 4590)

Honourable mention: Samantha Stefanoff
(Accelerated warming of lakes worldwide: Evidence of global brightening & climate change - SC/ENVB 4000)

Best thesis project award winners 2014

Information Literacy Award

Winner: Sachin Persaud
(United we stand, divided we fall: The case for a World Environment Organization - AP/POLS 1000)

Honourable mention: Neena Sethi
(Environmental interest groups and U.S. foreign policy: A case study of the National Resources Defense Council - GL/ILST 4605)

Information Literacy award winners 2014

Best poster & presentation award

Winner: Collette Murray
(Altered beauty: African-Car-ibbean decolonizing racialized aesthietics in Toronto, Canada - AP/REI 4600)

Honourable mention: Janarthany Paramesewan
(Differences in the relationship and interaction between Goldenrod plants & its inhabiters in varying habitats & locations - SC/BIOL 3170)

Best poster & presentation award winners 2014

Best group project

Winner: Aaron Clarke & Mohamed Sheksalah
(Nitric oxide: Implications of a potential ergogenic aid - HH/KINE 4120)

Honourable mention: Sidney Abou-Swan & Michael Mazzulla
(Protein timing and distribution following resistance training - HH/KINE 4120)

Best group project award winners 2014

People's Choice

Winner: Bishoi Shinoda
(Mirvish Towers in land use and urban development context - ES/ENVS 4800)

People's choice award winner 2014