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Undergraduate Research Fair 2019 winners

Dr. James Wu Prize for best lower-year project

  • First prize: Daniela Hernández-Cuadra for "The Quinoa We Grow" (SC/BIOL 2010)
  • Second prize: Raven Lovering for “Sculpting Gender Relationships: Classical Idealization in Pygmalion and Galatea (1813-19) (FA/ARTH 2620)

Dr. James Wu Prize for best upper-year project

  • First prize: Rhea Virkutis for “Tapping into Health Disparities: Canada’s Indigenous Water Crisis” (HH/HLST 3120)
  • Second prize: Nicholas Puran for “Effects of Lower Troposphere Temperatures on Ice Phenology and thePacific Walrus Population” (SC/ENVB 4700)

Dr. James Wu Prize for best thesis/major term project

  • First prize: Eric Mokri for “Elite Skill & Concussion: Comparative Study Between NHL Draft Prospects and Kinesiology Students at York University” (HH/KINE 4060)
  • Second prize: Hong Seok Kim for “Cell-Specific Localization of CAPA mRNA in the Central Nervous System and Midgut of the Mosquito, Aedes Aegypti” (SC/MATH 3052)

Information Literacy Award

  • First prize: John Nguyen&Imran Alidina&Mitri Elias &Naumana Mahmood for “The Cure to ALS Is Flying Around You: Using Fruit Flies to Investigate a Fatal Disease” (SC/BIOL 4410)
  • Second prize: Susan K. Chen for “Personality and Its Function(s) in Dissociative Identity Disorder” (HH/PSYC 4050)

Best poster & presentation award

  • First prize: Eki  Okungbowa for “‘Womb for Rent’:Socio-Cultural Implications of Reproductive Tourism in India” (AP/ANTH 3160)
  • Second prize: Zunaira Amin for “Biculturalism and Psychological Well-Being:Investigating the Role of Socioeconomic Status” (SC/BIOL 4000)

Best group project

  • First prize: Allison Evans for “Green Roofs: The Sky’s the Limit in Toronto” (ES/ENVS 3740)
  • Second prize: Taylor Whitehead & Roshawnah Forde &Victoria Hardashnikov & Claudia Dias Martins for “Gender Stereotypes Affect Our Memory” (GL/PSYC 3525)