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Undergraduate Research Fair 2016 Awards

Dr. James Wu Prize for best lower-year project

  • First prize: Laura Galin-Corini and Ana Janic for "The Multilingual Brain: How Much Power Does It Hold?" (GL/PSYC2520)
  • Second prize: Lindsey Swartzman for “From Eritrea to the EU: Driven to Security” (AP/GEOG 2310)

Dr. James Wu Prize for best lower-year project

  • First prize: Marissa Chase for “In the Aftermath: Detecting Change from Natural Disasters Using Satellite Imagery” (AP/GEOG 4440)
  • Second prize: Michelle Short and Kari Martin for “Do I Belong? Power, Inclusion, Representation and Activism in an LGBTQ Spiritual Community” (AP/SOWK 3070)

Dr. James Wu Prize for best thesis/major term project

  • First prize: Maansi Malhotra for “The Effect of Statins on Mitochondrial Respiration in Pancreatic Insulin Secreting MIN6 Clonal Cells” (SC/BIOL 4000)
  • Second prize: Christine Paputsis for “Cell-Specific Localization of CAPA mRNA in the Central Nervous System and Midgut of the Mosquito, Aedes Aegypti” (SC/BIOL 4000)

Information Literacy Award

  • First prize: Khalidha Nasiri for “Not Nature Not Nurture: Doing Good is in Your Genes, Environmtent, and Personality” (HH/PSYC 4000)
  • Second prize: Nick Zabara for “Parent Anxiety: Implications for Child Pain” (HH/PSYC 4000)

Best poster & presentation award

  • First prize: Alexander Gordon for “What Does a Bully Think? Motives, Conceptions, and Managerial Strategies in TDSB's Anti-Bullying Policy” (AP/EN 4000)
  • Second prize: Michelle Binczyk for “What is the Effect of Herbivore Saliva on the Toxicity of Fungal Endophytes?” (SC/BIOL 4000)

Best group project

  • First prize: Shulamit Diena, Stephanie Bergman, Carla Fiorella, and Talia Silver for “Muscular Dystrophy on the Fly: A Proposed Role for Drosophila Gene CG7845” (SC/BIOL 4410)
  • Second prize: Melvin Lui and Jamesan Poothapillai for “Branch-Chained Amino Acids: Is Your Recovery Missing These Essentials” (HH/KINE 4120)

People's Choice

  • Lu Li for “Maze: User Interface for Role Playing Game in Virtual Environment” (LE/EECS 4700)

Artwork Awards

  • Juliana Giancola for "Feathers" (FA/VISA 3024)
  • Si Qi Zhou for "Venus in Chrome" (FA/VISA 2024)